When it is time to unload that stock, irrespective of whether it was good, bad or obsolete, It is not that complicated. If you plan the marketing of your stocks well it is a simple procedure without getting your investors to go crazy. With the robots selling stocks online as easy as playing songs on a smartphone, marketing and selling the stocks is easier than ever before. And if you don’t like the machine work than you could work with a financial advisor to market your stocks successfully. Here are a few simple ways on how to market stocks.


Buyers will always look for the prices you offer and the type of orders for your stocks. As you will be selling your stocks through market orders i.e. selling at the current market price or through limit order (a minimal sales price) or through a stop order where you will be selling your stock when you reach the low price threshold.


With the advent of technology, Apps have been used in various areas for better functionality, the stock market has various applications too. Since Apps don’t take a commission to sell, many traders use this platform in the initial trading stages. The App Robinhood is a very good example for trading, it is a free App for Android and iOS gadgets. You can easily sell your stocks with as much as three clicks using these Apps.

Financial Advisor

If you had bought your stock from a financial advisor then you can take help form him on how to market stocks. And within 24 hours your financial advisor will execute your sell order. You should also take note that you will need to put your selling request in writing and inform your broker directly. This is because financial institutions don’t accept trade requests via email or voice mails as they can be lost easily.

Market Timing

Timing should also be supportive for marketing your stocks. And ultimately it should match the market timings. Having sufficient knowledge about how the market works is important for you to do your selling or buying right. Although theoretically, it is about predicting the future. This can be achieved by just like guessing your mortgage interest rates etc.

Now with the above tips, you successfully know how to market stocks. The above tips are just a few ways to sell or buy stocks. If you are confused, you may always wait i.e., hold on to your stocks. Just make sure you don’t hold on to it for long.

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